Ft. Caron Wheeler

  • Morning Love was the first single from the album Look to the Sky. I feel blessed to count Caron Wheeler a friend...let alone have a bona fide angel voiced woman collaborating with me! Caron and I go a long way back to the original Soul II Soul days. We are kindred spirits and share a treasured musical bond that is unbreakable. We wrote this song together a few years ago here in Toronto. It also features beautiful background vocals from my soul brother No.1 and musical partner in crime Lain Gray. There's a deep bass groove from Astrid Foster (bassist in my band here in Toronto - Jen Schaffer and the Shiners). There's soaring flute from Gary Barnacle (a master musician if ever there was... and a long, long time collaborator) and funky-assed guitars from Toronto master musician Adrian Ecclestone.

  • The song ( as is the album) was mixed by long time friend and uber engineer Donal Hodgson!